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Post Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:26 pm      Post subject: Finding Records for Relatives
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Hello, I'm currently looking for information about my late father and his Greek Catholic family, but frankly, it's been one of the most frustrating things I've ever worked on. I was hoping for some guidance on how to move forward.

He was born in February 1943 in Radycz, Turka, Poland (now Radych, Turka Raion, Western Ukraine). His father, Wasyl Ilnicki, was born in the same town in August 1899 (when it was part of the AH Empire), while his mother, Paraska (nee Degterenko), was born in Chernihiv, Ukraine in 1909. They were married in early 1940 in Radycz. I have parents names for both Wasyl and Paraska if you need them...

The first issue I keep running into is with metric books and records in general. It seems that most church collections have large gaps in years available online (of course the records from the years above that I'm looking for for Turka/Radycz/Losiniec always seem to conveniently fall in those gaps). Is there a particular reason for these gaps?

Also, there doesn't seem to be any other records that I could look for, apart from church records. For example, is there a scan of a RP II census that was done in the 20's or 30's? Would my relative's information even be there? What other kind of documentation would have at least Wasyl's information on it?

What would you guys recommend? What would be the next step forward? If this is a case of "the records may be out there, but just not online", then who (a genealogical research company in Poland) would you recommend that can research and track this stuff down for me?

Thank you for any and all information/suggestions. As you can imagine, it has been very frustrating to have as much information as I have on my family, yet be completely unable to really find anything online.
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Piotr Zelny
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Post Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 7:34 pm      Post subject:
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Hello Mike
Here you have got materials where may be found information on your family of Ilnicki. It is not complete set and must to be polished, yet. I assume that your family is one of many minor noble families of Sas cout of arms which have lived in this region. There were lot of Ilnicki’s (I do not know how it is today, probably the same) and lot of files to search. None of them available on-line except some vital books which you’ve already seen, I guess.

The vital books of Radycz: 1784 – 1940
Gaps in the vital books: b. 1822 – 30, 1859 – 64, m. 1865, d. 1804 – 1830

Central State Historic Archive in Lvov (Ukraine)
b.: 1784-1821; 1884-1940; 1914-1924
m.: 1784-1864; 1866-1940; 1914-1924
d.: 1847-1914; 1922-1940; 1923-1924

Central Historical Archive in Warsaw (Poland) – not available (I hope that except the family members):
b.: 1886-1888, 1890-1892, 1894-1895, 1897, 1914-1925, 1927-1935,
m.: 1886-1888, 1890-1892, 1894-1895, 1914-1925, 1929-1935,
d.: 1886-1888, 1890-1892, 1894-1895, 1897, 1914-1925, 1929-1935.

State Archive in Przemyśl (Poland):
b., m., d.: 1784 – 1803 1831 – 1858 1865 – 1869

Vital books deliverd to Registry Office (in Warsaw or Przemyśl in Poland) – not available, except the family members: 1867 – 1935

State Archive in Lvov (Ukraine) (interwar period):
1067 County office of Turka
1140scz County of Turka, province Lvov
532 County court of Turka, Galician Government (included into OAF no. 102)
1242 Grodzki court of Turka, province Lvov
37scz Okregowy court of Sambor, province Lvov
559 County headquarters of recruitment to army in Turka, province Lvov (delivered to collection no. 1 scz)

Central State Historic Archive in Lvov (Ukraine) (Galician period):
20 Metryka Franciszkańska 1807 – 1886 (Register of ground owners)
19 Metryka Józefińska 1773, 1776, 1785 - 1793 (Register and revision of ground owners)
168 Lvovian Commission 1806 – 1876 (taxes, duties, serfdom)
134 Files of noble estates, period 1374, 1423 – 1932
186 Commission of ground taxes in Lvov 1813 – 1939
149 Court for noble families (Forum Nobilium in Lvov)
166 Land registration books for noble families (Tabula Krajowa in Lvov)
146 Galician Government
856 Economy of Sambor (royal estate) period 1530 – 1833
575 Department of estates (Wydział Stanów)
165 Department of State (Wydział Krajowy)

State National Archive in Krakow (Poland) (Galician period):
Collection of Schneidr

Library of Ossolineum (Wrocław, Poland) (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth period, 16 – 18 c.):
1632/III. „Inventory and revision of Economy (royal estate) of Sambor 1760”. Language Polish. Shits 254. Mf BN.
9547/III. „Inventory of Economy (royal estate) of Sambor 1768”. Language Polish. Pages 969. Mf BN.
9553/III. „Revision and inventory of Economy (royal estate) of Sambor 1686”. Language Polish, 1819. Pages 4, 140. Mf BN.
9716/III. Files regards to economy (royal domain) of Sambor from period 1772-1797, description of settlements. Language German, pages 116. Mf Oss.
1255/II. Lustration and files regards to Economy (royal estate) of Sambor from period 1686-1687. Language Polish, pages 284. Mf BN.

National Scientific Library of Lvov (Ukraine) (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth period, 16 – 18 c.):
205/III Materials of Ilnicki family 1683 – 1839
237/II Papers of Ilnicki family 1599 – 1834

I'm in team of PolishOrigins so my recommendations wouldn't be objective but if you have questions about listed materials, perspectives of researches or some explanations do not hesitate to write to me. If you wish our assistance, you can read more here: https://polishorigins.com/genealogy/

Take care

Ps. There is no a particular reason for these gaps, it’s just always like that with.
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