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Post Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:52 pm      Post subject: Zbereszka (Bereski, Zbereszczak, Bereszczak)
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I dont know if this name is polish or not, it was from my great-great-grandmother who was from Gerlachov in slovakia a town in the Bardejov region of slovakia just south of the polish border. Her family was greek catholic.

Just wondering if anyone could provide any information on this surname as it has me very confused.

The name changes quite frequently throughout the course of time in the parish records of Gerlachov.

    After 1865 the name is written as "Berescsák" in Hungarian, which i believe would be spelled as "Bereszczak" in polish.

    Throughout the 1850s till 1865 the records use Cyrillic alphabet and the name is spelled "Зберещак" which i think would be "Zbereszczak" in polish.

    Before 1850, the records spell the name as "Zbereska" in Hungarian which would be spelled as "Zbereszka" in polish, no difference between females or males in the records as the name is always just "Zbereska" before 1850. Could be because the record keeper didn't care to denote it perhaps but i would think that if the masculine form of the surname was "Zbereszka" then there would be a "Zbereszczycha" or some other feminine form of the name used, likewise if "Zbereszka" was the feminine form then i would think there would be a "Zbereszki" mentioned but there is not. (not sure if ski/cki/dzki names can end in szki tho so i might be wrong on that one)

The records go back to around 1800 for Gerlachov, but i found in 1720 and 1715 Hungarian censuses the family was still living in Gerlachov, and possibly had a branch in Bardejov as well. My ancestor was Petro (Bereski?) who was the head of the family on the 1720 gerlachov census.

    In the 1720 census the name is recorded in Hungarian as "Bereszky" which would be "Bereski" in polish.

    However in the 1715 census the name is recorded as "Beresky" in Hungarian which would be "Bereszki" in polish. not sure if this one was a typo by the writer, and they actually meant "Bereszky" tho.

I can't find any information on the surname variants "Zbereszka", "Zbereszczak", or "Bereszczak".

If "Bereski" was the actual surname then what was the purpose of all of the variants and adding a "Z" in front of the name, and why would it have been changed as frequently as it was?

To conclude there are too many variants on this surname used and I do not know enough about the polish/ruthenian languages to make sense of it.

Would like to hear anyone's thoughts on this surname.
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