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Post Posted: 4 Days ago at 1:37 am      Post subject: Nutar (Nutár)
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Hi all!

I was born in eastern Slovakia near borders and likely have ancestry in Poland and Ukraine. My paternal surname is "Nutár" and so far I haven't been able to find out it's meaning. One researcher told me it might have something to do with polish "Nuta", meaning someone who sings/plays music. Does this sound right, or is there some other meaning this surname can have?

Thank you in advance!
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Post Posted: 2 hours ago at 5:02 am      Post subject:
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At first glance, i connected it with Iranian names. From this:
NAUDAR m Ancient Persian
Ancient Persian form of the Avestan name Naotara or Nautara, which most likely means "younger, newer" and is derived from Avestan nauua or nava meaning "new, fresh". It is also possible that the name is ultimately derived from Proto-Indo-Iranian nutára "quick", thus giving the name the overall meaning of "the quick one".

There might been a chance the name could migrate from Ottoman Empire to Hungary and then stayed in Slovakia. But Ottoman was Turkish, oh..

But You said about Polish Ancestry. The is a word Notar in a Upper Silesian dialect. It means just Notary. A person - Notarius(z). This is also found in Cieszyn dialect. But there are small to none Nutar in Chechia. If that theory would be true, then all Nutárs would come from one ancestor I think.

In addiction. Polish word nuta come from latin word nota. Then it was written in old polish as nóta. And finally nuta.

It is hard to guess eventually. I dont speak Slovakian, maybe that name has also some local meaning? Just hope You are a bit further in knowlegde Smile
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