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Post Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 3:01 pm      Post subject:
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Hi again,

The surname RACHEL does exist in Poland. Are you familiar with the surname distribution maps that are on moikrewni? Look here:
You will see it is color-coded according to how many people with that surname lived in a particular area. And where it says, "W Polsce są 584 osoby o nazwisku Rachel." they are saying that, in Poland, there are 584 individuals with the surname Rachel.
Now, here are some other spellings that might give you a pronunciation that an English-speaking person would say approximates Rachel: Rachul, Reichel, Rechul, Rajchel, Rajchelt, Rychel, Rochel, Rochl, Rochala, Richl, Richel, Rejchel. All are surnames in use in Poland -- some very rare, others more probable. You can fill these names in to the search box on moikrewni (that is, next to the words "mapa nazwisk" and click on "szukaj"). For comparison to a very, very popular name, fill in NOWAK and see what comes up in terms of the number of people using that name and their distribution in the country.

To answer your question, I do not know how often records are added to szukajwarchiwach.pl but I personally check back now and then to see if anything has been added for my areas of interest. Perhaps someone else on this forum knows more.

If I find any manifests that look like Cecylia, I will let you know. As for "Koleza," I see how you can get Gorlice from it, a little bit of a stretch, but I see it. You may also consider Kolaczyce, about 25 miles NNE of Malastow.

In the meantime, happy hunting!
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Post Posted: Sat May 21, 2022 11:50 pm      Post subject:
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I just stumbled onto this dialog as a non-member curious about my relatives. I have just joined. The posts were a few years old, but if Liz is still out there, I'd like to exchange some information about Dan Szopa. My grandmother was one of the daughters of Dan and Cecilia. I help take care of their graves, and I have some photos and a couple of family documents if they would be of interest. And I would like to learn if you have found Cecilia's family members. My understanding is she had come from and area in Poland near where Dan was from, and she was a little bit older, born in 1864. I think I have a document about their marriage in NY, in 1894. And I would be curious to know if either had siblings that are identified. Thank you!

Al Oikari (yeah, grandma married a Finn!)

Al from Minnesota
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