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Post Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:13 pm      Post subject: Galicia/Ukraine, website to find cousins in Ukraine today!
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I recently found a VERY useful website that helped me to find cousins/relatives who are living in Galicia (today Ukraine) today.

The website is a current-day telephone book-like name/address/telephone number and birth year/date listing for people living today in Ukraine (and other nearby countries).

I do not know if this website has been posted, but I will share it in this post.


This page has a list of many towns/cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. It is in Cyrillic, so if you use Google Chrome webbrower you can have this website translated into English/etc.


This is the page to search for names/address/telephone of people living in UKRAINE today. This is the page I used to find cousins who are living in the town today -- the town my ancestor departed from many years ago.

I have seen sometimes when this website seems to be temporarily down/offline. So, if it does not work for you, wait and try again later. Also, it sometimes limits the number of searches you can do in a day.

To search for your cousins/ancestors, you must first translate the family/surname into Cyrillic (use Google translate to then copy/paste the cyrillic into the search box). You will then get the names/addresses, and some telephone numbers (in cyrillic) of people today living in Ukraine which you can contact. You can copy/paste the Cyrillic results into Google translate, and sort them by city/town to find the relatives living in the towns nearest to where you are researching.

Here is an example. When looking through birth/marriage/death records, I know of a GARBACZEWSKI family living in the town of TOPOLSKO/Galicia in 1850s (today this town is known as Topil's'ke [ Топільське ] in Ivano-Frankivisk county of Ukraine).

1) I use google translate to convert Garbaczewski to cyrillic ( Гарбачевський )
2) In the page http://nomer-org.me/allukraina/ the top page has 9 green boxes.
3) In the 1st (far-left) green box of this page is the Family/Surname box where I enter the Cyrillic family/surname ( Гарбачевський ), then I click the far-right green box/button ("To Find/Search" button).

In this case, it finds no people.

However, if I enter the correct cyrillic/spelling: Гарбачевский (I removed 1 character). It now finds 3 people living in Ukraine with this family name (Victor, Yuri, and Jaroslav). It has the birth dates for all 3 people, and phone number for the 1st person (Victor).

In the city/town column, none of the listed people are living in the town of "Topil's'ke" ( Tопільське). If it had listed 1 of them being in Topil's'ke town, then I could have someone who speaks Ukrainian/Polish/Russian to call the listed phone number and talk to them.

Or, I could contact the local parish (finding the parish contact email address), or I could contact the local library (finding the library/branch email address) and explain/give them the information of the person I am trying to contact -- saying I found the name via genealogy and how he MIGHT be a relative of mine, and asking if they can ask that person to email me, etc.

As a 2nd search, if I search for another name like "Dobrowski" in Ukraine, I use the cyrillic " добровски ", it does not find any people. However, the website suggests that I use " ДОБРОВСКИЙ " (it's adds " Й " to the end of the family/surname..... it now finds 166 people with the name "Dobrowski" living in Ukraine today. I can then look at the city/town column and find the ones living in the town I am researching as they could be relatives of mine.

Tips: Use a site like Google Translate or a Russian/Phonetic/cyrillic translation website (such as http://www.russianlessons.net/dictionary/transliterate.php ) to read between English/latin alphabet and cyrillic.

Tips: Try adding (and not adding) " Й " to the end of the family/surname you are searching for as this might affect your search results.

Tips: You can use a map (Google maps or MapCarta) to map out the cities/towns where the people are living from your search results. People move around the country today alot more than they did 50+ years ago. But you will still see family names clustered around certain areas/towns and maybe no longer in the exact same town/parish your relatives came from.

Tips: I also used the birthdates/ages of the people within the same town to make guesses as to who might be a child of whom. Someone who is 80 years old likely does not use email, but if there was a 50 years old or 30 years old living near the 80 year old, then you can hope/assume the younger ones are son/grandson of the 80 year old, and the 50-30 years old is more likely to use email and be able to contact me using Email (then I can use Google Translate to communicate with them using written/translated email vs talking on a phone).

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