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Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:59 am      Post subject: Polish research - Kowalik/Kędziora in Wojków, Podkarpackie
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Hello all,
I have visited this site numerous times, browsing and reading many of your fascinating stories and wishing I could just jump on a plane and visit Poland. Both sides of my family originate there, although they migrated to Australia over 60 years ago which is where I live. I stopped researching my Polish ancestry for about a year because I was so frustrated with getting nowhere and without having the funds to travel to Poland I told myself it was no use still searching because I could not find out much more than I already had in Australia. That's not to say there has been no success, my paternal grandmother's town was very well-documented by the Mormons and I can trace her family back to the 1780s. However, the other lines of my family have been more hit and miss.
My passion was re-ignited just yesterday when going through some of my maternal gran's old photos and keepsakes I came across two photographs of my great-grandparent's headstones which I had no idea even existed. This discovery led to me to determine when my great-grandfather was approximately born and it provided the year that he had died. However, I do know a little about that side of my family due to a relative over in Poland. The side I am most interested in cracking is my paternal grandfathers'.
My grandfather Antoni Kowalik was born 1912 in Wojków, a town located near Mielec, which I believe is connected to the parish at Padew Narodowa. He is the son of Adam Kowalik and Maria Kędziora, who I have a year of death as 1962. I don't have any further information about them. His siblings' dates of birth range from 1906-1927 - his eldest brother Jan was born in 1906, died in 1966; the next child was Agnieszka who lived 1907-1936, then my grandfather Antoni, younger brothers Józef 1921-1974 and Ludwik 1924-2002 and a younger sister Zofia 1927-1991. I also have the names of another two sisters Anna and Katarzyna with no biographical information pertaining to them but they may slot into the gaps between the above listed.
The remaining family in Poland that I know of and have had some contact with in the past are pretty unhelpful so I've turned to see what records exist to help me in my search. The LDS records only go from 1800-1870 so I can't use them until I at least find my great-grandparents' information first. The state archives for the town (under Padew Narodowa) go from 1890-1899 (for births only), so it may be a bit too late for his parents if the first child is born in 1906. The Catholic diocese records stop in 1889, so that is a possibility to use for my great-grandparent's births, but I wouldn't be able to find when they got married. A final option would be to contact the church, but the last time I tried (for my maternal grandfather, in a different town) I never even got a response. Is it best to call or write to these places? When I contacted the state archives about my maternal side about two years ago, all correspondence was done through e-mail and I did get some information for a minimal fee. Why is it that some are willing to help and others don't want to at all?
I appreciate any further assistance any-one can offer.
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Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 12:41 pm      Post subject: Polish research
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I have had no luck contacting the local parishes, but I did get results by hiring a private researcher who went to the archives in Przemysl and found the information I was looking for. I found him on the Galicia Family History Group on Facebook. His name was Maciej Orzechowski. Hope this helps.
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Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:00 pm      Post subject:
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It looks like You did extensive search for metrical sources. Very often the last resort to find information is to visit parish and talk to priest. But not always. People usually help when asked, but some might have language barrier or simply do not know how to deal with the problem. Personal visit in church is usuallly productive. Prior to visit contact with priest is needed. I always reccomend visiting Poland!

Anyway, Its also good to know if somebody looked for same information before. And with a bit of luck, i found that its true in Your case. While looking on myheritage trees, i bumped into Kowalik tree. It is unaccesible. The only information i retrieved was that:
Adam was born in 1880, in Wojków, house #31.
Maria (nee Kędziora) was born in 1885, in Wojków , house #43.
Antoni had 6 siblings. So Adam had 7 children in total.
Thats all. I could not verify how accurate is that info. But quite possible. If we pressume that Maria got married at age of 18, then event could happen around 1903.

Form more info You may try to contact with tree administrator somehow.
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