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Post Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:31 am      Post subject: Surnames witkowiak, witkowska and przybylska
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Would love to know anything and anywhere these names originated. IAll I have is Germ/Poland. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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PolishOrigins Team

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Post Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:23 am      Post subject: Witkowski/Witkowska, Witkowiak
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Hi Stacey,

First off, you are probably aware that Witkowska is the feminine form of Witkowski (the same is the case with Przybylski/Przybylska).

As for Witkowiak, in the past the wife of Mr. Witkowiak would be named Mrs Witkowiakowa while the unmarried daughter - Ms. Witkowiakówna. These forms can appear in old records. Today, however, the form Witkowiak is used for both for men and women in all official records.

See the section on the -ANKA, -INA/-YNA, -OWA/-EWA, -ÓWNA/-EWNA endings at the bottom of this page:

Here is a link to a speech-to-text converter so you can hear how the surnames are pronounced: http://www.ivona.com/pl/?tk=rXnQOYRV2J

Witkowski and Witkowiak have a number of possible origins but they have the common root Wit- which originates from the first names Wit or Witold or Witosław, or the verb witać, “to greet”.

Another possible origin is the word witka meaning “withe, twig”, or one of the popular place names: Witki, Witków, Witkowo, Witów, etc.
(information based on William Hoffman’s Polish Surnames. Origins and Meanings)

The Polish surnames database Moikrewni, which is ultimately based on the government database from the period 2000-2002, shows the distribution of surnames (you have to look up the feminine and masculine endings separately) and the frequency of their occurrence.

For a discussion about the Moikrewni database, see http://forum.polishorigins.com/viewtopic.php?t=1551

Here are the results for

> Witkowiak
As you can see, there were only 265 with this name, concentrated mostly in mid-western Poland.
In the bottom right corner of the page, you can see the top ten counties (powiaty) and towns/cities (name preceded by m, abbrev. for miasto) where this surname occurs most often.

> Witkowski / Witkowska

If you click here http://polishorigins.com/databases/index?s=Witkowiak you can check what can be found about your surname in the PolishOrigins Databases.

I would recommend that you enter the surnames and places that interest you into the PolishOrigins Surnames Database and PolishOrigins Places Database.

You can do it by clicking Profile at the top of the page and filling in the “Your PO Personal Page “ section.
the Add your Surnames and Places link below the search box. Thanks to these databases, people interested in the same surnames and places can connect and share their knowledge, experiences or problems.
For example, there is a number of people interested in the name Witkowski: http://polishorigins.com/surnames/search/string/witkowski

I have used the following sources
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PolishOrigins Team

Joined: 26 Sep 2010
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Location: Warsaw, Poland

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Post Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:30 am      Post subject: Przybylski/ Przybylska surname
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Przybylski/ Przybylska is a very popular name in Poland.
See the map of its distribution:

Przybylski / Przybylska:

It originates from the word przybyl, przybysz or przybycien, “newcomer”. Another possible derivation is from the root Przyb- which gave rise to ancient names such as Przybyslaw, Przybywoj.

Related surnames: Przybycien, Przybyl, Przybyla, Przybylak, Przybylek, Przybylik, Przybylinski, Przybylko, Przybylla, Przybylko, Przybylowicz, Przybylowski, Przybyslawski, Przybysz, Przybyszewski

I hope you will find this information useful

Best wishes,
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