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Post Posted: Mon May 20, 2013 6:27 pm      Post subject: The "Suchecki or Suhetski Curse"
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In our family we like to tell a lot of stories. Most of them are not true!! My grandfather used to tell my Dad and all my Uncle's and Aunt's about the "Sucheki/Suhetski Curese" I have always thought this curse business is just folklore, myth, legend, or creatively made-up stories. Recently I have made a pledge to myself after my Dad's passing last month to find out if this curse business is true.

The story is that my Great Grandmother Rosalia had a sister named Apolonia. They lived in Myszeniec, Poland back in the 1880's. Apparently Apolonia married a Sucheki/Suhetski male whose name and origins we do not know.


One of the relatives in the Sucheki/Suhetski bloodline apparently cut down a tree in a Polish forest somewhere near Myszeniec. Apparently this forest had sacred trees or trees of spiritual significance or maybe rare trees that were going extinct and protected under the law. Apparently, the unknown Suchecki/Suhetski wood chopper got the towns people near this forest very, very upset. The towns people put a 7 generation curse on the Sucheki/Suhetski bloodline.

What kind of curse was this? No one in my family seems to know. My grandfather put a lot of credence in this curse because he said it explains a lot of misfortunes that the Sucheki/Suhetski family experienced over the years.

Personally, I still think this curse business is hokum. This unknown Sucheck/Suhetski wood cutter could have easily planted a sapling of the tree that he cut down and actually made the towns people happy. I guess back in those days, instead of giving someone a 'spanking' for doing something wrong, they put a "curse" on them. That's a real serious punishment.

My goal is to visit Poland someday and try and figure out if there is any semblance of truth to this "Suchecki/Suhetski Curse" business.

In looking through my Grandfather's genealogy I found out that he was born in Myszeniec in 1887 and his mother was Rosalia Kisiel (1859 - 1930??) Rosalia's father or brother was Zachareusz Kisiel and that is where I have run into a dead end.

I know that my sister's Godfather was named Ray Sucheki who lived near Boston, Massachusetts. Ray's father was Stanisslaw Suchecki (1887 - 1974.) He was born in Posada, Russia???

As of yet, I am not able to make any connection between Stanislaw Sucheki and Rosalia Kisiel.

Has anyone heard of this "Sucheki/Suhetski Curse?" Is it real? Is there a connection between the Stanislaw Suchecki and Rosalia Kisiel genealogy?

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Post Posted: Tue May 21, 2013 5:20 pm      Post subject:
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I have heard of that curse!
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