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Post Posted: Tue May 11, 2021 11:47 am      Post subject: Szkirpans in Malastow, Gorlice
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My family is attempting to prove the citizenship of my grandparents, both born in Malastow, Gorlice. My grandfather, Semen Szkirpan, was born on September 14, 1919, with my grandmother being born on May 1, 1937. They were married in Malastow on July 24, 1954 before immigrating to the United States. None of my grandparents records, including passports or a marriage certificate, survived. My grandfather was a prisoner at Dachau, and plenty of his Dachau/post-war documents state his citizenship, but we have nothing "official" from Poland or Malastow.

I am admittedly very overwhelmed on where to start. I've contacted the state archives, which does have a reference in an online accession list to what I believe is their marriage from the town hall, as well as the Roman Catholic Diocesan Archive overseeing the Malastow/Gorlice region. I've also contacted the Gorlice registry office, the International Red Cross, and the Aroslen Archives.

Has anyone had any specific experience or could you possibly point me in the direction towards digitized census records or digitized church records for the Malastow/Gorlice region? I've visited hundreds of websites that list accession lists for microfilm copies of information that may fit my needs, but nothing definitive.

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Post Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 5:43 am      Post subject:
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First of all, most of the inhabitants in Małastów were Greek Catholic (about 90% of the village's population). Your grandfathers name - Semen also indicate that they might have been Lemkos.

Theis marriage record as well as the birth record of your grandmother should be still in the local civil registry - Urząd Stanu Cywilnego. In case of Małasów this is the community in Sękowa, so this is the correct registry to be contacted. You have to know that the births up to 100 years old and marriages up to 80 years old are available only to the close family members (descentants) and in your case it should be possible to apply for the official copy of those documents, if only they have them.

In the State Archive in Rzeszów (Sanok branch) there are the vital records from the Greek Catholic parish in Małastów
Births: 1892-1898, 1900-1904, 1925-1933 (and some older records are also available in the State Archive in Przemyśl). As you can see there is a gap in 1919, so the birth record of Semen might not survived.

Marriages: 1784-1910, 1925-1933
Deaths: 1784-1898, 1900-1904, 1925-1933

It should be possible to look for your grandparents' siblings, parents and older generations, but for your citizenship procedure the most useful would be the marriage record (from the USC) and if possible the births of your grandparents.

If you will need any assistance with obtaining the documents or the citizenship application, feel free to contact us to [email protected]
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