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Post Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 3:05 am      Post subject: Białystok Ancestors
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I’ve made this topic because I want to talk about Bialystok Ancestry.

Białystok History (Until WW2)

1320 - Settlement founded in Lithuania.

1569 – part of the Lesser Poland Province of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland

1692 – Białystok granted city rights by Polish King John III Sobieski

1697 - Branicki Palace built

1745 – the first military technical school in Poland founded in Białystok

1748 – one of the oldest theaters in Poland, the Komedialnia, founded

1749 – King Augustus III of Poland extended the city limits

1753 - Center of the city burns down

1756 - Jan Klemens Branicki, owner of Białystok, divorces his third wife

1763–1768 – Municipal hospital founded by Jan Klemens Branicki

13 July 1769 – Battle of Białystok, part of the War of the Bar Confederation

1770 – midwifery school founded under the auspices of Izabella Poniatowska

9 October 1771 – Jan Klemens Branicki dies

1789 – the epidemic of smallpox, the 22 children died

1795 – City annexed by Prussia in the Third Partition of Poland and made the administrative seat of the Białystok Department

26 January 1796 – Prussian administration takes over the town, but it remains formally owned by Izabella Poniatowska-Branicki

1805 – Institute of Obstetrics established based on the midwifery school

1807 - Town becomes part of Russia, per Peace of Tilsit, and capital of the Belostok Oblast.

14 February 1808 – Izabella Poniatowska-Branicka dies

3 July 1812 – Napoleon's army enters the city

13 July 1812 – Declaration of the inhabitants of communication with the Commonwealth

4 August 1812 – Russian army enters the city

8 August 1812 – giving a new coat of the city by Tsar Alexander I

13 December 1830 – announcement of martial law by the Russian authorities in connection with the outbreak of the November Uprising

1 February 1831 – setting up headquarters in the Russian army commander, Field Marshal Hans Karl von Diebitsch, whose task was to suppress the November Uprising

1834 – a ban on teaching in schools in the Polish language

1842 - City becomes administratively part of the Grodno Governorate

1845 - Woollen mill built

1857 - Population: 13,787

15 December 1859 – Ludwik Zamenhof, the creator of the international language Esperanto, was born

13 June 1860 – the beginning of a patriotic demonstration under the banner of national unity and fight against colonization

16 March 1861: Prayers were held by local Poles and Jews in memory of Polish protesters massacred by the Russians in Warsaw a few weeks earlier

3 May 1861: The Russians arrested several Polish students during the celebration of the Polish 3 May Constitution Day

9 June 1861: Andrzej Artur Zamoyski, representative of the Whites, arrives in the city

1862 – Opening of the Saint Petersburg–Warsaw Railway through the city

24 April 1863 – the beginning of the Polish January Uprising in the Białystok area

15 February 1864 - Battle of the January Uprising was fought near Białystok

1877 – expanding the city limits: integrated railway station, the village of Piaski and Las Zwierzyniecki

1886 – the railway line Bialystok – Vawkavysk – Baranovichi

1889 - Population: 56,629.

1891 – Launch of the first telephone exchange

1895 – launch of three lines of horse tram

1897 - Population: 63,927.

1898 – establishment of the Volunteer Fire Department

1901 - Population: 65,781

1905 - Chernoe Znamia political group formed

1906 - 14–16 June: Białystok pogrom of Jews by the Russians

1910 - Białystok Power Station commissioned

1912 Tsarist prison built

Population: 98,170

1913 - Great Synagogue built

1915 - City becomes capital of the Bialystok-Grodno District of the German-controlled territory of Ober-Ost during World War I

1919 - Białystok part of the re-established Polish state, capital of the Białystok Voivodeship, and Białostoczek becomes part of city

22 September 1920: Battle of Białystok - Polish victory over the invading Russian forces.
Jagiellonia Białystok football club formed

1921 - Białystok confirmed as part of Poland

1928 - Polmos Białystok founded

1934 - Seweryn Nowakowski, considered one of the greatest mayors of Białystok, becomes mayor

1937 Podlaska Cavalry Brigade of the Polish Army formed and stationed in Białystok.
Population: 100,101.

1938 - Białystok Municipal Theatre built
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