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Post Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:23 pm      Post subject: Czaplicki
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In the field of onomastics the Polish surname Czaplicki may be classified as being of toponymic origin. Such names refer to an origin which is derived from the place name where the initial bearer lived on held land. In this instance, this surname may derive from “Czaplice” in the Ciechanow area of Poland where there are about 9 villages with names like Czaplice-Baki, Czaplice-Kurki, Czaplice-Wielki, etc. Perhaps, the name may have originated in "Czaple" which is the name of a city located in north-western Poland, southeast of Olsztyn. Thus, the original bearer of the surname Czaplicki may be someone who was identified by members of one of these communities as "one who hailed from the first Czaplice village or the city “Czaple". Etymologically, this toponym may also derive from the Polish term "czapla" which literally means "heron, stork", hence indicating a place frequented by this bird. In some cases, this surname may have originated as a nickname for a man with long thin legs, or perhaps for one who was shy and easily frightened..
Four Czaplicki Families
Czaplicki was the surname borne by four noble Polish families who were septs of the great clans Grabie, Kotwicz, Lubicz, and Grzymala, respectively. The Czaplickis of the clan Grabie had their ancestral seal located in the region of Chelmo which is about 50 kilometers northeast of Czestochowa, where their existence was documented in 1640. The Czaplicki of the clan Grzymala lived in the region of Prussia, although a branch of this family were registered in the district of Chelmo in 1700. The family who belong to the clan Kotwicz came originally from Mazovia where they were recorded in 1650. A Czaplicki family from Silesia used this coat of arms although their family probably faded out. Members of this family were documented as living in Lithuania in 1700. A descendant of this house, Stanislaw Czaplicki, made an endowment to the Dominican friars of Ostrowie, and in 1640 donated 5000 zloty to the monastery funds. The Czaplickis of the clan Lubicz had their ancesteral seat located in Mazovia where their existence was registered as early as 1436.
Our Czaplicki Roots
This family from which my both paternal Czaplicki grandparents were born were from the Przasnysz district. The Lubicz-Czaplicki family were very branched out. The nest of this family was probably from the estate Czaplice in the Przasnysz district. In "Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego i ... ", 1880, that place was divided into several villages, i.e.;
1. Czaplice- Båki
2. Czaplice- Jaworowo
3. Czaplice- Furmany
4. Czaplice- Pilaty
5. Czaplice- Kurki
6. Czaplice- Milki
7. Czaplice- Wielkie
8. Czaplice- Rajki-Golanki
9. Czaplice- Koty
There is also a Czaplice-Osobne village in the nearby Lomza district and a Czaplice village in the Sluck district in Lithuania.
It looks athough the common ancestor of many of the Czaplicki families in these areas was knight Mroczeslaw de Czaplice who lived from 1410 to 1444. His descendants divided into 3 main lines: Mazovian, Lomzynian and Sandomierian.
In the 1432 Register of the Mazovian principality it list that two first cousins from the sword side: Marcin Falislaw and Mroczek (diminutive of Mroczeslaw) de Czaplice were the owners of Czaplice in the parish of Krzynowloga in the Ciechanovian district in 1432. It apears that the Czaplicki's of the Lomza line are descendants of Mroczeslaw and that Marcin Falislaw was the ancestor of the Mazovian line.
In the Armorial of Ignacy Kapica Milewski it lists that Mroczeslaw de Czaplicki moved to Lomza district in 1436 and established the village Czaplice Osobne (parish Szczepanki). Furthermore the book mentions that Marcin de Czaplice born 1440, Andrzej de Czaplice born 1441 and Jøzef de Czaplice, son of Andrzej (1498-1502)

Researching: Czaplicki, Rudziński, Bartołd, Chmieliński in Ciechanów area;Furtek, Dyka, Armata, Petka, Maslonka near Frysztak; Luczkowski,
Pakos in Dubany, Ukraine
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Post Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 3:54 am      Post subject:
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Thank you czaplicki for this great, informative article.

I'm adding some remarks about contemporary Czaplickis:

In 2002 there were 4147 (2008+2139) individuals using the surname Czaplicki living in Poland. Detailed map of the surname distribution can be found here: https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/Czaplicki .

Click here http://polishorigins.com/?s=Czaplicki&x=11&y=16 to check what can be found about your surname in PolishOrigins' Databases.
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