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Post Posted: Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:20 pm      Post subject:
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Please let me know if anyone has information on the surnames:

Bonkowski, Bunkowski, Bakowski
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PolishOrigins Team

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Post Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:07 am      Post subject:
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I hope you are still interested in the subject even though a month has passed since you posted your question.

Bonkowski and Bąkowski (Bakowski where "a" has a tail) seem to be variants of the same name because their pronunciation is identical, whereas Bunkowski may be a misspelling of Bonkowski, which has been used after the wrong spelling was recorded.
The root of Bąkowski is Bąk, meaning "bumblebee or horsefly" or "bittern" (a bird)

Bonkowski can also be an alternative spelling of Bońkowski where the "n" has a mark above. It originates from a place name Bońkowo which itself is derived from a given name Boniek, short for Bonifacy.

In 2002 there were 3345 individuals using the surname Bąkowski living in Poland:
Here is map of the distribution of the surname and the number of people using it in Poland in 2002:

Bąkowski (men): 3345 https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/B%C4%85kowski

Bąkowska (women) 3804 https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/B%C4%85kowski

Bonkowski (men): 221 https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/Bonkowski

Bonkowska (women): 219 https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/Bonkowski

Bońkowski (men): 482 https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/Bo%C5%84kowski

Bońkowska (women): 505 https://nazwiska-polskie.pl/Bo%C5%84kowski

In old Poland there were a few noble families with these surnames:

Bakowski in Podolia region (present-day Ukraine) in 1764

Bakowski, coat of arms Gryf, Austrian Count in Zaborow in 1782, family from the Malopolska region; Senator in 1415

Bakowski, coat of arms Rawicz in the Radom region in 1460

Bakowski, coat of arms Rys from Bakow in Western Prussia from 1590

Bonkowski, coat of arms Brodzic in the Plock region

Listen how the surname is pronounced in Polish (click on the “Loudspeaker” button) - these are links to Google Translator:

Bąkowski: http://tinyurl.com/cr36rd9

Bońkowski: http://tinyurl.com/c74ncof

Click here http://polishorigins.com/databases/index?s=B%C4%85kowski

and here http://polishorigins.com/databases/index?s=Bo%C5%84kowski

to check what can be found about your surname in the PolishOrigins Databases tool.

I hope you will find this information useful.

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